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Inspiring for me at least, an opportunity to make statements of the self. It's thought provoking, if it gets you, pretentious if what I'm doing here surpasses you. This blog is my perspective, my perception, It's my point of viewing the multi angled great icosahedron. peep culture, science, music, literature, poetry, art, obscenity, violence, destruction, love and hate. Hate the word juxtapose because everything is always juxtaposed with everything else. This blog is in juxtapose with my life.

July 29, 2014 at 1:16pm
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Where do we Start

To change the world?

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The Incredible Creation: The 7 Layers of Division in Black America? →

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"Immortal Technique Freestyle"

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i did this poster series for a class project on the right to work. it’s not actually affiliated with the department of labor. 

Too bad this isn’t real because these issues happen FAR too often. 

Please make this real.

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You already know where to start
Start there
Once you have touched your drawing instrument to the surface
You have begun with a point
You are already making a statement
Draw through the form
You may comfortably weave through the skeletal under structure
Muscle fibers cartilage and skin, back and forth
You are mapping a continent

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Immortal Technique - Cause Of Death

Pay Attention to the Lyrics

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Immortal Technique - Harlem Streets

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"Immortal Technique Gets Real About the word" Nigga

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The De-Constructed Anatomical Art of Nychos

Nychos is an Austrian Super Murallist, also known as Nychos the Weird,part of the Rabbit Eye Movement and of The Weird Crew

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I keep thinking about this tweet


I keep thinking about this tweet

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I want this for art



I want this for art

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Masculinity is and has always been just as performative as femininity. The only reason why it is seen as natural and neutral is because of patriarchy.

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Dimensions of dialogue, dir. Jan Švankmajer (1982)

Dimensions of dialogue, dir. Jan Švankmajer (1982)

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Johan Creten (Belgian, born 1963)
Scent of a Woman (Odore di Femmina),  2006-2007 


Johan Creten (Belgian, born 1963)

Scent of a Woman (Odore di Femmina),  2006-2007 

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Many of us cannot help looking because of what Susan Sontag has called “the perennial seductiveness of war.” It is a kind of rubbernecking, staring at the bloody aftermath of something that is not an act of God but of man. The effect, as Ms. Sontag pointed out in an essay in The New Yorker in 2002, is anything but certain.

“Making suffering loom larger, by globalizing it, may spur people to feel they ought to ‘care’ more,” she wrote. “It also invites them to feel that the sufferings and misfortunes are too vast, too irrevocable, too epic to be much changed by any local, political intervention.”

So now that war comes to us in real time, do we feel helpless or empowered? Do we care more, or will the ubiquity of images and information desensitize us to the point where human suffering loses meaning when it is part of a scroll that includes a video of your niece twerking? Oh, we say as our index finger navigates to the next item, another one of those.

As war becomes a more remote, mechanized activity, posts and images from the target area have significant value. When a trigger gets pulled or bombs explode, real people are often on the wrong end of it. And bearing witness to the consequences gives meaning to what we see.

— At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time - (via new-aesthetic)

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